umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsani
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UMO Serv is an experienced company that offers a complete range of security and protection services with well trained personnel, to solve with special conditions of professionalism any safety and security situations.

Security of objectives, goods and value

We offer qualified personnel, specific equipment and logistics to any objective. In order to achieve great performance, the agents are trained, well prepared and endowed accordingly to the activity they perform. ( continue)

Electronic security systems

The electronic alarm systems delivered and installed by our company are of the best quality. We promote the newest systems issued on the market to offer a high level of protection. The range of our services comprises the installation of alarm systems: anti breaking in systems, anti fire, closed circuit TV, automatic doors and barriers, interphones and video interphones, access control and clocking.

Monitoring and fast interventions services

We monitor though our own dispatch the security systems and we intervene rapidly to solve the security issues. In case of necessity, our teams can arrive in the shortest time to the objectives that are under surveillance or protected by alarm systems.

Transport of values

The transport of values is done at the standards imposed by the legislation, being used latest generation vehicles according to the domain requirements. The team is equipped for these types of activities, the agents being endowed according to the tasks performed.

Courses for professional certificates

We organize courses for the position of security agent, mandatory courses for both the personnel of security companies as well as for companies that execute the protection with their own employees. Our instructors prepare and train the personnel to always be capable of performing the most complex situations.

Bodyguard services

We have the specialized personnel trained in the hardest situations to execute for this type of activity. We ensure the discrete and on sight protection for individuals in various type of situations or for legal persons and we assure the confidentiality of their trips, social and private activities.

GPS Tracking Systems

We offer as a modern security solution the GPS tracking system. This tracking device offers many advantages due to its advanced technology, generates rapid and stable reports especially for companies who own fleet of cars and receive informations about the activity and the efficient use of cars, or as a protection against auto theft.

Physical security risk assessment

We offer, for the first time on the security services market from Vrancea County, the service for physical security risk assessment who is a complex and effective method for analysis and evaluation to establish control measures and diminution of risks, vulnerabilities and threats which may endanger the life, corporal integrity and personal freedom or can bring damages to materials and values owned by companies or institutes.

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