umo serv paza focsani

Since its founding, the company UMO Serv showed its professionalism and raised its security and protection services at the highest level of quality and competence. The missions accomplished, the objectives successfully guarded and monitored, the quality and training of the personnel, the resources invested have fully satisfied our customers:

Laris Productions

“A mutual bilateral cooperation beneficial between the two companies for nearly two decades.”
Mr. Laris Boboc – Director

Emergency County Hospital „St. Pantelimon” Focsani

“The UMO Serv security and protection systems assure a good progress for the activities and and peace of our patients.”
Mr. Mindrila Constantin – Manager


 “In over ten years of collaboration the security of the objective has always been provided at its full potential by the security company UMO Serv”

AVICOLA S.A. Focşani

 “A partnership of more than a decade with UMO Serv for integrity and safety of our objective”
Mr. Dan Vicol – President of the Board


 “Installation services, security systems offered by UMO Serv and the protection offered by these systems have been on size of our expectations.”
Mr. Gabriel Năstase – Projects Management Departament

IVAS S.R.L Galaţi

“Quality and security guard services offered by UMO Serv is completed promptly in a professional manner of how is implemented the intervention in case of burglary.”
Mr. Ivaşcu Ion – Director General

Vrancea Museum

 “UMO Serv  intervention in case of burglary was always prompt, and the security systems installed by UMO Serv protects professionally our museum facilities.”
Mr. Horia Dumitrescu – Director


“The security services provided have exceeded our expectations.”
Dl. Bernard Cheere – CEO Artifex

2nd B Horea, Closca and Crisan Street, Focsani, Vrancea County
phone/fax +40 0237 21 74 82
dispach: +40 0728 40 94 09
secretary: +40 0728 97 88 77