umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsani
Telephone dispatched 24h: 0237 21 74 82
Monitoring and fast interventions services

UMO Serv monitors through his own dispatch the security systems and intervenes rapidly to solve the security issues:
– telephone line;

Our dispatch offers the guaranty for the continuity of transmission of the received data from the security systems monitored. The auto vehicles of the intervention team and transportation of valuables goods are equipped with video surveillance and satellite tracking systems.

Whenever is needed the teams arrive in the shortest possible time at the objectives that are guarded or monitored by the anti breaking in systems or anti fire system.

Currently we cooperate with important companies from our district or from the country and the quality of our services is the our best recommendation.

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2nd B Horea, Closca and Crisan Street, Focsani, Vrancea County
phone/fax +40 0237 21 74 82
dispach: +40 0728 40 94 09
secretary: +40 0728 97 88 77