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Telephone dispatched 24h: 0237 21 74 82
Founded in 1993 in Focsani, UMO Serv is a specialized company that offers human and electronic security services, with well trained and prepared personnel able to solve any emergency situation in special conditions of professionalism. At present, the company provides security services both in Vrancea County and Bucharest as well as in other parts of the country, the attention we are getting involved with in every activity and our commitment to every objective makes ensures a level of high quality services.

The range of services includes human security for objectives, goods or values and order maintenance, the acquisition and installment of security systems (anti breaking and entering systems, anti fire systems, video surveillance, access control and clocking, automations, video entry, sound systems), monitoring and armed rapid intervention services, transport of values, bodyguard services, GPS monitoring systems, courses for professional attestation and firearms training courses, risk assessment for physical security and security fog protection systems.
UMO in the community

The UMO team ensured security at the most spectacular edition so far of the MEMORIAL AUREL CÎMPEANU International Judo Tournament,   … continuare

Being convinced that education is the cornerstone of the development of Romanian society, the UMO Team offered 30 fully equipped   … continuare

The UMO team ensured security at an exceptional sporting event, the 19th edition of the „Aurel Cîmpeanu Memorial” International Judo   … continuare


Today, November 1, 2023, marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the UMO Serv company. Time sure goes by   … continuare

The UMO team was also this year with the „Bike Mausoleum”, an already established event that combines sports, cycling, with   … continuare

The UMO team ensured security at one of the most beautiful and largest events in the area of Moldova, the   … continuare

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umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
umo serv paza focsani
2nd B Horea, Closca and Crisan Street, Focsani, Vrancea County
phone/fax +40 0237 21 74 82
dispach: +40 0728 40 94 09
secretary: +40 0728 97 88 77