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umo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsaniumo serv paza focsani
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Electronic Security Systems

UMO Serv is authorized by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police with the license number 0212/T (Technical) to perform designing, installation and maintenance of the Electronic Security Systems and by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, National Center for the Fire Security and Civilian Protection with the license Serial A, number 0450 from 16th of November 2010 and license Serial A, number 0444 from 16th November 2010 to perform designing, installation, testing  and maintenance of electronic alarm and alert systems in case of fire as well as systems to limit and extinct fires.The Electronic Alarm Systems provided and installed by our company have the best quality as a result of good collaboration with prestigious producers from the security equipment’s market.

The range of our services in the Alarm Systems domain includes:
– Anti breaking in systems;
– Systems to extinct fires;
– Television System with closed circuit;
– Systems to perimeter protection;
– Automatic Systems for doors and barriers;
– Interphone and Video-Interphone Systems;
– Access Control Systems and clocking.

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