UMO Serv participated at the 14th edition of the Memorial of AUREL CIMPEANU

- postat in 17 noiembrie 2016

Organized in the memory of Aurel Cimpeanu, the coach from Vrancea who trained through his career some of the most representative judoka from Vrancea County and Romania, the 14th edition of the INTERNATIONAL JUDO TOURNAMENT The Memorial of AUREL CIMPEANU gathered participants from six countries, from 44 judo clubs, being present a number of 445 […]

UMO Serv assured the security at The Focsani Blues Festival 1st edition

- postat in 17 noiembrie 2016

The biggest blues music festival in Romania took place in Focsani in the 9-11th September weekend being a true celebration for the good music lovers, with high quality and vibration performances from some exceptional artists. It was a memorable experience for thousands of spectators from our city and for those who came from different parts […]

UMO Serv sponsored the 2nd edition of the „Rinascimento Musici” Classical Music Festival

- postat in 24 mai 2016

„Rinascimento Musici” Classic Music Festival, now in its second edition, held from 20 to 22 May 2016 and brought a moment of quality in the cultural life of our city, known for its long tradition of art music. The event, supported by UMO Serv company along with other major sponsors of our county started the […]

UMO Serv organized the 13th edition of the ”AUREL CAMPEANU” Judo Memorial

- postat in 18 noiembrie 2015

At the Sports Hall Focsani was held Saturday, November 14, 2015, the 13th edition of the „Aurel Cimpeanu” Memorial, a Judo competition that has become a traditional event for the sport in our county, held in the memory of Aurel Cimpeanu, the coach from Vrancea who had big performances and trained in the past national […]

UMO Serv supported the humanitarian campaign at the “Taekwondo Vrancea Cup”

- postat in 4 iunie 2015

On May 30, 2015 in the Sports Hall in Focsani took place the forth edition of the “Taekwondo Vrancea Cup” competition, a special event which brought in contest a total of 214 athletes, lovers and practitioners of the martial art. With the occasion of the event was organized a campaign to help three brothers, seriously […]

UMO Serv has been with the Kick Boxing national champions of CS Nidan Focsani

- postat in 30 mai 2015

In mid-May, in Bucharest, was held the Kick Boxing National Championship, fighting styles to which athletes were in competition being Full Contact, Low Kick, Kick Light and Musical Forms. It was an important competition involving 19 sport clubs across the country, among which we can mention CS Sora, Romanian Kendo Club, CS Preda Pitesti, K1 […]

UMO Serv sponsored the 1st edition of the „Rinascimento Musici” Classical Music Festival

- postat in 28 mai 2015

Focsani City has a long tradition of art music and the „Rinascimento Musici” Classical Music Festival has proposed restoring and strengthening the image of Focsani musical tradition as a „city of classical music”. A first step in achieving this was the first edition of the Classical Music Festival „Rinascimento Musici”, organized by the Popular Athenaeum […]

UMO Serv organized the 12th edition of the AUREL CAMPEANU Judo Memorial

- postat in 27 noiembrie 2014

The day of 22th of November marked a new opportunity to honor the memory of coach Aurel Campeanu, the man from Vrancea County which prepared the true champions on the mat, champions who have become some of the most representative athletes of our county. The 2014 edition of the Judo Tournament Memorial that strengthened from […]

UMO Serv alongside Michael, a little angel

- postat in 23 septembrie 2014

The campaign „Angels for Angels” organized by Foundation „Always together” aims to provide humanitarian aid for children with serious health problems, children who deserve a chance and support for expensive treatments. This campaign takes the form of a tour in 14 cities in Romania, which began in August 2014 with important artists of the modern […]

UMO Serv celebrated 20 beautiful years of activity

- postat in 3 noiembrie 2013

On 1 November 2013, the company UMO Serv turned 20 years of activity, years full of challenges and extraordinary achievements. It was a special day which UMO Serv celebrated with its customers, employees and collaborators,  the  two decades of progress in the field of human security and electronics. The first event of this beautiful anniversary […]

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