Security of objectives, goods and values
UMO Serv ensures for these types of activities well trained personnel, equipment and the necessary logistics specific to every objective. In this area, our company is licensed by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police with license no 0287/P(Paza) according to Law 333/2003. In order to achieve high quality standards in security services and a good performance, the agents are trained and equipped according to their activity.
The uniforms and equipments which the personnel is endowed are of the highest quality offering a distinguished posture, each agent being equipped according to the type of objective assigned to him.

The means of security and self defense available to the agents can either be from the category of those with moderate effect (sticks and rubber batons with metal insertion, pepper or paralyzing sprays) as well as from the category of those with lethal effect (weaponry with bullet) authorized by the police.
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