UMO Serv was a partner for AEROMANIA 10 YEARS – 2016 edition

- postat in 8 iulie 2016

AEROMANIA, the most spectacular private acrobatics air show in Romania, was also in this year a special attraction for the adrenaline lovers, aviation enthusiasts or thousands of tourists who were on the 2016 2nd of July at the International Airport in Tuzla, Constanta County. The show was at an international scale, being present some of […]

UMO Serv guarded the Vrancea Auto Show 2016 edition

- postat in 16 iunie 2016

Over 60 new car models were exhibited at the Vrancea Auto Show 2016 edition which was held between 10 and 12 June in Union Square in Focsani. At this year were present 13 car brands, some for the first time like Porsche or Jaguar alongside established brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Dacia, Renault, […]

UMO Serv was a partner for AEROMANIA 2015

- postat in 8 iulie 2015

Aeromania, one of the major aviation shows in Romania, reached number 10 edition and this year, on July 4, aerobatic planes, helicopters and paratroopers have delighted thousands of spectators on the airfield in Tuzla, Constanta County. The show was one of aviation large scale event, supersonic MIG 21 Lancer sites, Puma helicopters and airplanes Naval […]

UMO Serv guarded the Vrancea Auto Show 2015 edition

- postat in 16 iunie 2015

The latest and the most attractive car models were presented to the people of Focsani between 12 and June 14, 2015 at the Vrancea Auto Show, a traditional event for our city. Over 70 car models were seen in the center of Focsani, some worth thousands of Euros, other tens of thousands of Euro, 15 […]

Security fog protection system – new in Vrancea

- postat in 26 februarie 2015

Security fog protection system is an innovative and higly effective system because it is an active security solution, which provides real physical protection for goods and values from the first moment of burglary or robbery. UMO Serv is the exclusive distributor in Vrancea County and neighboring counties for the Protect security fog protection systems, systems […]

A new service from UMO Serv: assessment of risk at physical security

- postat in 23 octombrie 2014

UMO Serv is the first company of security and guard in Vrancea County which is certified for assessment of risk at physical security. This new service is a comprehensive and effective method for analysis and evaluation in order to establish control measures and risk mitigation, vulnerabilities and threats that can endanger the life, physical integrity […]

UMO Serv is the authorized partner of Axis Communications, the world leader in intelligent IP video surveillance solutions (network)

- postat in 23 iulie 2014

Since 01.05.2014 the company UMO Serv has become an authorized partner of Axis Communications, which is the global leader in IP video security. Through this collaboration, UMO Serv implements integrated security projects will have access to the most innovative and advanced products and technologies Axis. Axis Communications has over 1,600 employees in over 40 countries, […]

Training for management of UMO Serv

- postat in 3 mai 2013

Management staff  of the company UMO Serv has raised the level of qualification doing training in courses in Human Resource Management and Leadership held during 05-14.04.2013 at Hotel Delta Tulcea. These trainings have come naturally because high level of service that UMO Serv comes from the quality of the company’s employees, the professionalism and commitment […]

UMO Serv was present at the Fair Exhibition in Hamburg

- postat in 21 septembrie 2012

Our staff participated in September at World’s Fair of builders and owners of shipping SMM, organized by Messe Fair Exhibition in Hamburg. The company management responded to this invitation from partners in Germany, specialized in manufacturing security & defense marine equipment. The visit was a real sucess by developing existing partnerships, by UMO Serv presence […]

An intelligent service provided by UMO Serv – acces control and clocking

- postat in 15 iunie 2012

Electronic access control and clocking became increasingly popular with protection and security systems implemented by companies, firms and building offices. Such a system check physical access from a certain area or entries/exits on some doors, while enabling the owners or managers to keep out the movement of employees or foreigners. Common methods of access are […]

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