umo serv paza focsani

The UMO team joined the campaign „Donate blood to your fellow citizens. Be their hero! ”Because, every second, someone needs blood, and the difference between living or dying can also be in a blood bag donated by someone, knowing that 450 ml of blood can save, at need, up to three lives!
The members of the UMO Team mobilized and donated blood to the Vrancea Blood Transfusion Center, also supporting the cause of the humanitarian campaign that also aimed at helping families in financial difficulty.
Also, the involvement in this endeavor is also an action with a strong character of social responsibility, of raising the awareness of the civil society and of creating a cohesion among the citizens, given the high blood deficit in the hospital units.
We consider that it is our duty and we are constantly involved in campaigns aimed at helping people in difficulty, thus actively participating in the safety and evolution of our Vrancean community.

UMO SERV în comunitate

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