umo serv paza focsani
UMO in the community

UMO Serv was one of the sponsors of the JUDO INTERNATIONAL TOUR Memorial AUREL CÎMPEANU, which was held on 10   … continuare

The UMO Serv brand celebrated a quarter of a century of private security business on November 1, 2018. They have   … continuare

Cyclists participating in the 4th edition of the „Mausoleum on the Bike” route were perfectly protected by the UMO Serv   … continuare

UMO Serv has guarded and protected Focsani Blues Festival 3.0, the largest blues festival in Romania and one of the   … continuare

Mandatory physical security risk assessment is a service designed to increase the security level of your goal. Starting with 1   … continuare

Organized in memory of the Vrancean coach who has prepared some of the most prestigious judokas of Vrancea and Romania   … continuare

As every time in recent years, UMO Serv has secured and professionalised the security of the largest private aviation show   … continuare

UMO Serv was a partner of the „Bicycle Mausoleum: 100 Participants for a Century Edition” event which took place on   … continuare

UMO Serv was also a partner of the great blues festival in Romania this year, „Focşani Blues Festival” being a   … continuare

Organized in the memory of Aurel Cimpeanu, the coach from Vrancea who trained through his career some of the most   … continuare

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